20/04/19: Day Ten (Bug Fixing)

Today's Goals:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Enemy AI Art
  • Game SFX
  • Responding to Alpha feedback

After the release of the Alpha build; I had some familiy commitments and visits. This lead to me having the day off development. However I was actively looking for feedback and writing my to do lists for the next few days. Due to the time left; the game will be published to the jam as a work in progress game. I plan to actively develop some new content atleast for the next month.

This dev log is short due to lack of time, whereas I plan to write a summary tomorrow; since I will spend all day (when possible to finalize my entry.

Achieved Today:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Responding to Alpha feedback


  • Fixed UI text filtering issue.
  • Allowed player to jump higher (So save double jump on most jumps).
  • Locking the game to display at 16:9 (Currently only 1280x720).
  • Resetting level timer to display "W1" message upon death.
  • Allowing player to jump throught the side of wooden platforms.
  • Fixed issue of being able to play jump SFX 3 times before being grounded.

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