DevLog #001 - 22nd Feb 2018


The past two days have involved me being hard at work to create textures and a few small animations for my project. As of today, I have a month and one day left to complete the project; including the game, sound and animation.

21st Feb 2018

Today involved a lot of trial and error on deciding my art style and attempting to create some player assets and animations. I also started working on creating some base textures for my game. By the end of the day I had got a player asset with idle and walking states. I also had some base textures to use the following day, these were; an inside wall, an inside wall with a window, a wooden floor, a brick wall and a stone wall/floor. My change-log for the day;

  • Texture Development
  • Finalising Graphic style
  • Player asset with idle and walking animations
  • Started planning for animation
  • Started planning for sound
  • Added player movement, 4 way movement, with it changing animations when walking or not
  • Organising Unity project folder to make development more organised and easier

22nd Feb 2018

Today involved creating more sprites for my game and putting together the first room, which will be the first level. I also added a feature to allow the player to move between rooms, using scene management and key presses. Finally I edited collider settings to allow for the level to look better and play smoother. My change-log for the day;

  • Developing more textures - Door Mats, Beds, Floor Mats, Wooden Chairs, Potted Plants and Cupboards
  • Building the first level
  • Importing all needed and made assets to the project folder
  • Making a texture and placing it on the wall - To show the player basic controls
  • Creating "invisible" barriers to prevent the player exiting the game area
  • Creating the script and colliders to use scene management and key presses - To allow for the player to change levels
  • Changing collider setting to make for better performance
  • Added the Introduction Animation and a screen displaying the game title
  • Created and imported the Idle state and Walking animation for 1 out of 5 NPC characters

For tomorrow, I plan to start development of the textures that will be needed for the outside sections of my game. Doing this will then allow me to create the world and start adding in objects and objectives for the game.

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